SO, I wanted to come on here today and give Napoli a hard time about calling Masahiro Tanaka an idiot.  I was ready to do just that but I went back and looked at the photos of him after the World Series..

OK, let's backtrack, I love the Yankees.  Like you would not believe.  My first game was when I was 3 yrs. old and I went to multiple ever year of my life until the "new" stadium, which I hate and then I stopped going.  However I love the Yankees and HATE, HATE, HATE the Red Sox but Mike Napoli stole my heart last year.  He won the World Series and instead of doing the typical rent out a 5 star joint or fly to Vegas thing, he killed Bud Light's out of the can in downtown Boston for days while shirtless out on the streets and in the bars.  POWER MOVE!  MY GUY!  I cannot hate this dude.  He tells it like it is and maybe in real life he's a douche' but maybe I am.  That's what I would do and I won't forget it!  Mike Napoli, I'm a Yankee fan and somehow a Mike Napoli fan.  And you are right!  What an idiot, Tanaka hung that one!