If I'm going to get stuck in a massive back up, could I at least be on my way to a beach?

Clearly, any holiday weekend is going to be a bad travel time. We all want to get the hell out of dodge at the same time. I know I'm not alone in expressing how pissed off you can feel when a major traffic snarl screws up your commute to work. Even worse, is when it's a Friday at the start of Memorial Day weekend. I want to get to work, get it done, and get back into massive traffic to begin my three-day weekend.

I left my home at 7 AM and normally arrive at i95 just before 8 AM. Arrival time today, just before 9 AM. The mess was caused by a tractor-trailer on fire on I-84 westbound. The burning truck was behind Exits 10 and 9 closing the right lane.

Here's a video of the fire posted to the i95 facebook page from our listener Karen:

We are mostly all seasoned vets in maneuvering around such issues. I saw the sign way before Exit 14 in Southbury alerting us to the back up. The problem is, in our neck of the woods, when you get off the highway to avoid the back up, you get to travel bucolic winding Connecticut roads peppered with traffic lights. As much as staying on the highway, pulling your hair out and cursing like a sailor makes you crazed, I think it often beats ambling down the "let's take in the beauty of Connecticut" back roads.

Brings to mind the saying, "You Can't Get There From Here!"

Happy Memorial Day. Have a bunch of colds one for me.

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