Could we see the return of "The Great Danbury Fair?!" If Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton has his way, it just may become a reality.


Lou and I had Mayor Mark on the air to talk about the News-Times article titled, 'Return of Danbury Fair?'

The 'Danbury Fair' began back in 1821 as an agricultural fair and then in 1869 it began its tradition of opening for 10 days every October. The fair took up 100 acres and the admission price was an outrageous 25 cents!

What could you buy at the fair in the late 1800's, everything from tobacco, pears, home brewed wines, to hats, boots, and saddles. Big thanks to for this Danbury Fair photo.

The Great Danbury Fair - Credit

In 1932 a race track was built on the fairgrounds for midget car and stock car races. The last day of the fair was on October 12, 1981. 400,000 people attended the fair in '81 for their last hurrah.

A Pig Contemplating the Return of the Danbury Fair - Credit Getty Images

Mayor Mark told Lou and I that there's a lot of planning to do and if those plans progress, it would still be a couple of years before it would become a reality. Boughton also told us that the only space large enough for the fair would be the Danbury Airport, which the Federal Aviation Administration might allow if the event was aviation related.

Mayor Mark told the News-Times, "The gains in taxes and employment that the enclosed mall brought came with a cost. I think we lost some of our roots when the fair closed down."

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The Great Danbury State Fair - Credit Leahy's Fuel

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