I have three boys ages 7, 6, and 6. They love stupid things, as all kids do. They would love Chuck E. Cheese's, and, I, of course, would hate it. If you are, however, locked in to a family day event, it needs to be for the family. You really can't put someone in a scissors lock on a Sunday with the kids. It's frowned upon in society.

According to the NewsTimes, fisticuffs broke out at the Manchester, CT Chuck E Cheese and a couple of small children were hurt. The website has video of the incident.

When I read the article, I remembered that someone once told me that most Chuck E. Cheese's locations sell alcohol. So, I did a little research, and learned that this is true. Most locations, around 70 percent, around the country serve beer and wine. Then, I went and looked to see if this particular location serves alcohol, and they do. There is your problem. No one loves the booze like this guy right here, but the facts are that you cannot be all things to all people. You cannot be family friendly, and have Smirnoff available. You also should not be able to have toddlers in a stroller in a Las Vegas casino, but that is just me.

Or, hey, let's all keep doing things the way we are doing them, and we can get thunder-punched in the throat while trying to wash cheap chicken nuggets down with stale beer. Maybe, next time, old Chuck himself can take off his head and get in the mix. He can serve up some rodent justice while the kids look on in horror, and buckle up for a lifetime of therapy.