I'd say "now I've heard it all!" but you know that's far from the truth! Do you know what a "Pastafarian" is? Here's the details.

I'd like my pasta dinner, or for that matter anything you need to strain with a colander on my plate please. And not after you've been sporting that thing on your noggin!

Now there's a Massachusetts woman who will be allowed to carry a state driver's license with a photo that shows her wearing a spaghetti strainer! 

In a story from Patch.com. Massachusetts' Lindsay Miller has won her battle with the state Registry of Motor Vehicles to wear the colander on her head.

Want to know the reason they allowed it?

It's because she is a Pastafarian. Yup. a real thing - it's a secular religion that says the odds that a Christian God or a Flying Spaghetti Monster exist are about even.

Miller's request was initially denied because of a regulation saying a head covering on a license photo is not allowed. Turns out there are exceptions for religion and medical reasons. So, colander on head it is! Here's her photo  Patch.com

Well good for her, I guess. I'm still not going to her place for dinner.

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