Things you need to know on June 22.

Thanks to MetroNews Source for the following.

  • It's been over two weeks since murderers Richard Matt and David Sweat escaped prison. As New York State Police vow to continue the hunt they've been swarming a roadless area deep in the woods about an hour west of the maximum security prison they broke out of. The search moved to the area near the communities of Mountain View and Owls Head after reports that someone had broken into a hunting cabin over the weekend.
  • All musicians can really thank Taylor Swift for this bit of news. Apple has made a major change to its soon-to-be launched streaming music service. In a controversial move, Apple had planned not to pay artists for their music during a free trial period. Apple announced late Sunday that they would indeed be paying artists during that time.The announcement came less than 24 hours after Taylor Swift posted an online letter to Apple blasting its policy as "shocking" and "disappointing." Let's hear it for the girl!
  • Looking for a friend? "Pepper" the robot is a runaway best-seller in Japan. The first thousand units sold out in about one minute over the weekend. The robot is designed as an emotional companion. The Japanese mobile and telecommunications company SoftBank says Pepper is programmed to follow vocal commands, communicate with users, read human emotions and react accordingly. Interested? You'll have to dig up about $1,600..

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