You heard it was on the horizon, but it still stings. Now, state employees know when the hammer is due to drop.

You can't live in Connecticut without being aware that we have huge money issues in the state government. We are looking at an almost $1 billion, budget hole for fiscal year 2017. It's also been all over the news that Governor Malloy has been encouraging state employees close to retirement to do so to possibly save someone else's job.

Now, in a story from, Governor Malloy says layoff notices will be going out to state employees within two weeks. Issuing the layoff notices in two weeks will allow for the removal of the affected workers from the state payroll before the new fiscal year begins July 1st. While Malloy says the exact numbers aren't certain, the prediction is around two-thousand workers.

According to, union leaders have said they are not willing to grant concessions, saying that state workers gave in 2009 and 2011. Instead they have urged officials to boost taxes on wealthy households and major corporations.

However this plays out, it appears that many people will be out of work, and that is never a good thing.

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