According to the News Times and, an unidentified suspect attacked a Yonkers, NY man with a Machete on Willow St. in Waterbury, CT on Saturday. 

The alleged incident is said to have happened around 6:15 PM. 34-year-old Christopher McGorman was walking down the street, when a black car pulled up. The attacker then allegedly got out, and started swinging a machete at him. McGorman has injuries to his back and shoulder, and has partially amputated fingers. He may be transferred due to the severity of his wounds, but for now, he is recovering at St. Mary's hospital. The attacker is apparently on the loose, and the case is under investigation.

How do these unprovoked attacks happen? I never understand these situations. I always feel like there is more to the story that I am not hearing. And why a machete? It seems like an odd choice of weaponry. You don't hear a lot about machetes these days. It's like brass knuckles. Where did they even go? Why not nun-chucks or a mace? You also have ninja stars. That would be a terrifying attack. If you had someone who really knew what they were doing with them, how about that? You have a lunatic like 30-feet away whizzing ninja stars at your face. There is no way to defend against it. It is indefensible. Just another thing to worry about in this crazy world of ours. We have a lunatic on the loose who has a soft spot for machetes. Good luck to us all.