This was the bible given to me by my Godfather, my Uncle Peter. This will be passed on to my first born son, Louis, tomorrow when he receives his first communion. I got this for confirmation.

Growing up Catholic was not ever a thought for me. Religious education and Sunday mass is what we did. I was baptized, received first communion and was confirmed. After that, I didn't do much with my faith.

I'm back now for my children. Not just because it's what we do, not just because of the moral lessons, but because of the reaction of my kids from CCD. They react the same way I did when I was their age. They feel something. That is enough for me. They need to know there is something more than all this.

The things we experience and see everyday. Those things are rarely poetic,fair or fun. If they believe there is more it's much easier to navigate this world. If you are curious as to how I feel and what I believe...I can give you this answer...I see hope in my children's eyes and I'd like to keep it there.

Thanks Uncle Pete, Aunt Joan for the Bible, it now gets passed along to my son Louis 23 years later. It was never far from me, always in my desk drawer. Now it's up to Louis Santino to keep it close.

Congratulations Lou

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