Could you imagine living in the same home that Lou Gehrig bought for his mother and lived in with her? You can now. It's listed for just 399,000$ on, and listed by Berkshire Hathaway. The listing agent is Julia Mazza.

The home was bought by Gehrig in 1928 for his parents, and he lived there with them for 5 years until he got married. The house is in the Residence Park section of New Rochelle, NY.

That is amazing. I would love to live in the Iron Horse's home. Live in the house of the luckiest man on the face of the earth.

I get chills every time I hear the speech, and if you don't, you are crazy. A part of you has died.

The only problem with living there would be that I would completely dedicate my life to taking a crack at playing pro ball. That could be problematic considering my lack of athletic skill, and my aging body. There would be an obsession to hopefully let a little Gehrig magic rub-off on me, and to make it to "The Bigs."

It's a lot for me to take on right now, so, I will need to pass, and focus on my real passion which is crossword puzzles. But this beautiful home IS for sale and you could be the new owner. If you do buy it, you must however live like a Yankee. You need to shave your face at all times, carry yourself with pride, and wear pinstripes every single day. Anything less would be blasphemy.