I am the oldest of 40-something grandchildren and great grandchildren. I am one of four in my family. I always knew that I would have a big family. I am so excited to know that I get to raise another child with the world's best partner and friend.

I am having a hard time collecting my thoughts. I know that raising four children will be difficult, but we are up to the challenge. In the time since I found out, my thoughts have been racing, and all I spend my time doing now is wondering what this little person will look like, and what kind of personality they will have.

Never could I have imagined the way my life has changed in the last three years, but I am blessed that it has. Every day since Erica and I started dating, my life has improved leaps and bounds. Since we had our wedding live in the air on the Ethan and Lou show, the only appropriate way to announce that we would be having a baby, would be to announce it on the show as well.

Most people probably can't relate to that, and that is fine, but I am so proud of the family I have and the life that we lead, that I cannot help it. I called Erica this morning on the air to announce it to all of you, and this is how it went:

Funny lady, my wife.