For starters the DMV is the worst. 

I had to go recently just to surrender license plates and was there for a half hour.  That's straight up the easiest DMV experience you can have and yet I was still there for 30 minutes.  As I approached the building I had a man hold the door for me and say: "welcome to hell."  That was not reassuring.  We all get frustrated at the DMV and I have even walked out a few times.  But one local man took it too far.

According to the News Times 

23 year old Alexander Villareal of Roxbury, CT was arrested on Wednesday and charged with first degree threatening, first degree harassment and second degree breach of peace.

He allegedly said he wanted to "shoot up the DMV" on his Facebook page.  He is due in court January 6th.

Listen do I believe this kid had any intention of shooting up the DMV as he is being  alleged to have said?  NO.  However the authorities have this funny way about them when they hear about this stuff.  They don't like it and they lock you up.  They have to take every threat no matter how minor, no matter where or when very seriously.  Look at the world we live in now.  We read about a horrific mass shooting somewhere like the one in San Bernedino, CA and we all ask the same question:  How could someone not have seen this coming?  All threats of violence like the ones being alleged here are going to get you into trouble and that is the truth from here on out.