I admit, I watched BattleBots on ABC many times. Back when I was 12, when I was known as Small Dave, I loved making things out of my Erector, Lincoln Logs, Lego, and Tinker toys sets. That was back in the glorious 80s. In the present day world of electronics and toys, kids make machines that do amazing things. It seems that there are a high concentration of these mechanical geniuses in Southbury and Middlebury.

Chris Sutherland sent us an e-mail here at the station, letting us know that the robotics team (Team 2064: the Panther Project) from Pomperaug High School kicked some serious robotic butt at the World Championship Robotics Tournament in St. Louis, MO recently. They're currently ranked among the top 32 teams in the world. Congratulations!

There are 30 students contributing to Pomperaug Robotics, and they're given only six weeks to purchase, design, prototype, build, program, test, and train their robot to compete in these challenges. Sheesh! It took me six weeks to get through Where the Red Fern Grows. Good luck this weekend, geniuses! Or is it geniusai?

Here's a video of Pomperaug's quarter final matches from the event.

This Saturday May 14, Pomperaug is hosting the NE First Robotics CT State Championship at the high school from 8:30AM to 5:30PM. The event is free.