Everybody Loves Raymond. Yeah, whenever I am stressed, or maybe feeling a little down, I hit up the Barones for a rock block of laughs. 

Yeah, yeah, I know, it's not like I discovered plutonium here. No earth shattering news of course. But, just think about anytime you run across Everybody Loves Raymond on the TV. What do you do? Do you change the channel? Do you multi task and leave it on in the background? No. You, without even knowing it, slip into a trance. You laugh because you are watching characters that represent people we know, people we grew up around and laugh.

I fired up a binge fest of Raymond on Friday night, and could not stop. Not only that, but I found my mood improved by the minute. Does Everybody Love Raymond? I would have to say yes. Yes we do. I'm going to go now, another episode just came on. It's the one where Robert has to choose between Amy, Stephania and Joanne. Yeah, Robert had three girlfriends. Classic.