I gotta go over on this one. It's just noticeable enough for maybe 5 of the 30 some odd staff members to see at some point and ignore. 

I'm not going to point fingers when I say that the kitchen is a mess almost everyday, but I know who is NOT to blame. The names rhyme with Ethan, Lou, Pam, Tim and Dave. Yeah, I said that. Listen, it may be easy, based on the way I talk, to believe that I am a slob, but you would be wrong about that. Ethan and I are the maids at home, so why not at work?

Monday mornings, the kitchen looks like we have children living here alone, and no one is looking after them. The dishes are piled in the sink, the bathroom looks like someone was in there doing angry, and downright aggressive, doodies. I mean, it's full on chaos top to bottom.

This morning, for instance, instead of working diligently on the show when we got here, Ethan and I took out the trash, did the dishes and cleaned all the coffee pots. It was a good ole' time.

So, I am leaving the cup on top of the Pepsi machine, both as a protest, and for fun. Because now, we bet. Over/Under 7 days. How long does that cup rest there mocking our inability to live like adults?

Here's us taking out the trash.

Lou's phone
Lou's phone