We have all seen the Nationwide commercials where Peyton Manning sings different sentences to the tune of the Nationwide Insurance jingle.  They are brilliant.  Now it's time for us to come up with our own versions of the popular commercials.  

It's very rare that I enjoy a commercial of any kind but these Peyton Manning jingle commercials have had me hooked since the first one.

Chicken Parm you taste so good.

Epic comeback starts right now.

So far the best one I've seen was on a t-shirt with Peyton's face that said:  "HGH you taste so good."  How bout these beauties I've com up with.

  • "My forehead is so big."
  • "Little brother close your mouth."
  • "Brock Osweiller kiss my ass."
  • "Andrew Luck is playing golf"
  • "I can't throw an out route."


We will be doing this tomorrow morning on the Ethan and Lou radio show on the Home of Rock and Roll I-95.  We want to hear your Nationwide/Peyton Manning jingle.  All you need to do is leave your comment here or call the show tomorrow morning between 5:30-10am at 203-775-9595.  If your's is funny we will put it on the air.

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P.S.  The hottest insurance commercial out there right now is not a Peyton Manning/Nationwide commercial.  OH NO.  It's the new "Moms call at the worst times GEICO ad.

That is my mom to a T.  I could be in the middle of splitting the atom while delivering a baby and she will call.  I sent her this video as soon as I saw it.