These are my 3 beautiful sisters from left to right: Katy Ann, Renee Marie and Ann Theresa. I am blessed to have these three beautiful women in my life.
Katy is artistic, intelligent and constantly exploring life, Renee is two years younger than me, but people think she's my older sister. She is intelligent, funny, temperamental and inevitably the eventual matriarch of our entire family. Anna is our angel. She's funny, set in her ways and the most lovable person on planet Earth.

Here are photos of my sisters and I through the years.

Lou's phone

That's actually not from my phone, but my sister Katy's creation. I credited myself to make her angry, and it will work.

This is Renee and I about 15 years ago. Probably more. We were thick as thieves. This is one of my favorite pictures of all time. We showed my Dad after we had it developed and he said, "You're both drunk. Who drove?" We both stayed the night where we were, and looked after each other.

lou's phone

These are my children. From left to right; Lucas, Christopher (or Chrissy) and Louis Santino. They are tight as can be, and hopefully one day, will appreciate how lucky they are to have grown up no more than 15 months apart from oldest to youngest.

lou's phone

Chris and Lucas on the swings last year. Looks like a postcard.

lou's phone

Louis and Chris flexing.

Down to clown.

So, there it is. My sisters and I. My boys together. A proper belated siblings day.