The book is titled, House of Nails: A Memoir of Life on the Edge, it apparently has some shocking revelations.

Lenny, of course, admits to steroid use. He also admits to digging up dirt on umpires, and doing amphetamines. He even goes as far as saying that the success he enjoyed with the Phillies would not have been possible without the use of steroids.

Listen, this guy is whacked forty ways from Sunday. We are talking about a ballplayer who is as well-known for his insane behavior off the field, as he is on. He is a guy who has been accused by multiple former female employees of sexual harassment. His business dealings were shady, to say the least, and even lead him to prison. He had all his teeth punched out of his mouth in prison, and is now toothless.

It does not sound like Lenny Dykstra is a fun guy to know, but it certainly is interesting watching him from afar. Now, he is even more interesting, because he is on Twitter and almost daily, he says something outrageous. Will I get and read his book? You bet I will.