A beer garden of major proportions is opened in Derby. "The Hops Company" or "T-H-C" for short, opened in November serving 37 fresh batch brews from their 40 foot bar along with a delicious variety of food.According to the News-Times, the new owner's dream was to build a beer garden like the ones they enjoyed in Brooklyn, NY, except this particular one is the largest in Connecticut, featuring 4.5 acres of beer drinking nirvana on the site where the Grassy Hill Lodge used to stand.

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The on-tap brews range from Allagash Saison Ale to Guinness Stout to Humboldt Hemp Brown Ale to Stony Creek Little Cranky along with 32 others, many from local breweries. Then there's the amazing food from Zuppardis APizza and Ricky D's Rib Shak.

But wait, there's more! T.H.C is becoming a popular favorite not only for delicious craft beers but for family fun, which include board games, giant Jenga, and football on their big screens. Sounds like a craft beer lovers dream come true! Just a reminder to bring along a designated driver for the maximum party experience.

Photo Credit - Ethan Carey


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