These are actually universal party fouls but don't do these1) If the party is scheduled to go 6 hours or more, don't pregame!

2) Don't mix Tequila with anything....if you are drinking Tequila, don't drink anything else.

3) If you bring food, drinks or any other gifts, you don't have to announce it.  Women are very receptive to this stuff, they will notice.

4) If you get sick...GO HOME!  No one wants to see that.

5) If you have to poop and there is no toilet paper in the bathroom alert someone.  Your embarrassment will be much worse if you don't figure things out ahead of time.

6) If you drink too much, admit it.  People will love you more in the morning.

7) If you fall, time to go home.

8) If your wife or girlfriend has a serious problem with another woman at the party, don't even get in the car to go there.

9) If you smoked meth, don't go!

10) If you go to the party and hit on a friend's wife or girlfriend.  You are a nipple head.  You should not have been there to begin with.

11) If you smoked meat for the party, you don't have to tell everyone how many hours you did it 50 times.  Word will get around.

12) If the place is way too hard to find get a GPS.  We don't care.

13) If you bring your kids to an adult party.  Well, NO, Just no.  Why would you do that?  Stay home next time.