As a rule I don't think anyone else's kids are clever, funny or even mildly entertaining but this kid made me laugh.

It's an instant love affair the minute the bacon hits the kids tongue.

Yeah bacon is awesome as we all know but I feel like in the past few years our entire country has gotten carried away with bacon as a way of life.  I mean my own radio station built a live event around the food called the Bacon and Brewfest and it was a slam dunk success.  People love their bacon.  There are bacon comic books, poems about bacon and many people will profess their love for the meat on a t-shirt.  We are at a critical tipping point with bacon.  If we don't stop the bacon craze or at least try to slow it down there will come a time where everything we eat will be wrapped in bacon, stuffed with bacon and even seasoned with bacon bits.  I love bacon as much as the next guy but the fact is I just wasted an entire minute of my life watching someone else's kid eat it.  I don't know what it's all about anymore.  The other problem with bacon is when people eat it they make faces and noises like they are having sex and it makes me very uncomfortable.  I had to leave rooms where people were eating bacon because of the noises they were making.  I even limited my own bacon intake so I don't have to listen to my own noises.  It's all too much.  The kid is funny though I must admit and I will now and forever pronounce bacon just the way he did.