Nature is amazeballs.  I mean look at these two going at it.

I've seen so many of these Kangaroo fights over the years and they never get old.  This particular video comes from a CNN story last year but it's timeless.  I saw one this morning that made me look for this one.  The video I saw this morning was too grainy to even bother sharing with you so I pulled this gem up.

The technique...MY GOD MAN THE TECHNIQUE.  They actually balance themselves on their tail to do a full front double kick to the groinular area.  Priceless footage that will stand the test of time.  how bout the speaking voice on the braud doing the piece though.  I mean imagine listening to that everyday?  Please shut your mouth lady.  Oh her poor husband.

Just had a great idea for a reality show.  Street Fighter meets Kangaroo fights meets bum fights.