According to the New York Daily News, Jason Pierre Paul will not be in the U.S. on the 4th of July. 

When asked where he will spend Independence Day in a press conference he said, “I’ll be gone, I won’t even be in the United States. Where I’m going, they don’t even celebrate the Fourth of July.”

One reporter followed that up by asking him where he WILL be. He said, “I won’t tell you."

Dude, relax.

First off, you don't have to leave the country. We are not going to shoot bottle rockets at you. No one is going to strap an M-80 to your other hand and light it. You won't tell us? You know, the fireworks are not listening. They are not going to get your whereabouts, hop a flight, and follow you.

I'm sure that the incident that damaged his hand for life is more embarrassing than anything. I realize that he lost a finger in the incident, and that is, from what I am told, very traumatic. In hindsight, now that he knows he still has a football career, he probably just looks back at thinks that the way he got hurt was just dumb.

4th of July is my favorite holiday. I do have to exercise some self control on the 4th, however. I love to drink, and I also love explosives. The two do not mix, so each year, I have to choose one over the other. If I'm drinking, no fireworks. If I am putting on the most epic private display of fireworks the world has ever seen, then the booze will have to wait. Let us all use JPP's experience as an example of what could go wrong. Think how annoying it would be to go to give someone the finger on the highway and it's not there.