Jose Bautista tried to illegally break up a double play over the weekend, and he paid the price when Texas Ranger, Rougned Odor took exception to it.

Your face, bro. Your face.

Your face will never be the same again. I think I have now watched this video about 50 times, and it keeps getting funnier. I even watched it a few times in slow motion, which was hilarious, because you could not telegraph a punch any more than Odor did, and, yet, Bautista could not get his dome out of the way. Too funny. It's really extra funny because Joey Bats is one of the most arrogant ball players in MLB. He's constantly flipping his bat on home runs.

Now, he will be remembered less for his on field accomplishments and will forever be remembered as the player who got his life punched away on live TV. He should really call Robin Ventura for advice. It does not matter what Ventura did during his illustrious career, all that anyone remembers was that old man, Nolan Ryan, took him out to the wood shed, and beat him like he was his daddy.

You can't mess with old man strength. Senior citizens know a thing or two about a thing or two when it comes to fighting. Bautista also should not have been messing with a guy who grew up with the last name, Odor. You don't think he has been in a scrap or two, do you?