According to CBS John Kasich says the Monday after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday. What could your argument be against this?

I have asked this question before on the Ethan and Lou show and ONE and only ONE argument comes up. People will say that it is disrespectful to specifically veteran's. I observe Veteran's day and I am more than thankful for the sacrifice they have made and the sacrifice their families have made. I also do understand where they are coming from when they say this.

However, these are two separate things. One literally has nothing to do with the other. You can not force people to celebrate and honor our veteran's. You cannot force them to understand that the freedom they have comes from the deep and painful sacrifice of many brave people.

That is the ONLY argument. The argument would be that our national holidays are about appreciating and respecting the brave, honorable and downright terrifying things that Americans have had to encounter to make this country a better place.

You can have both. There is no reason to compare a game to those types of selfless acts.

The fact is Super Bowl Sunday is a day that almost everyone in this country celebrates. Showing up to work the next day in many cases is virtually pointless. The studies, many of them have shown that productivity takes a nose dive the Monday after the big game.

Many countries around the world pretty much shut down for important soccer games and that is soccer. Soccer sucks. Let's get real and stop denying what we already know to be true. Football rocks, we all celebrate Super Bowl Sunday and no one does a thing the following day. Good on you John Kasich.