I never thought I would see the day but Derek Jeter is off the free agent market.  He was the ultimate bachelor and now he's just like the rest of us?

According to the NY Daily News Derek Jeter is engaged to his girlfriend of three years Hannah Davis.  She by the way is a model....I know..it's a shocker.  I guess it could be worse.  All of us have to settle down at some point.

Listen, if this guy works at marriage the way he worked at baseball he will be the greatest husband of all time.  I mean in the Husband Hall of Fame.  An absolute legend of marriage.

It does however disturb me that from now until the end of time the only headlines we will read about "the Captain" will have to do with his personal life or his businesses but never baseball.  That sucks.  I still have not wrapped my head around the fact that I will never see #2 run out onto the field for a game ever again.  Even after a full season without him in a Yankee uniform it still has not sunk in for me and probably never will.

Congrats to you though Derek.  YEAH JEETS.  Now let's watch this legend in action.

The catch has to be my favorite Jeter play of all time followed by the flip.