Things you need to know on May 29.


Thanks to MetroNews Source for the following.

  • I still fear swimming too far out in the ocean thanks to a little movie called "JAWS"!  "Jaws" is coming back to theaters for a limited release on it's 40th anniversary. Fathom Events will screen "Jaws" on Sunday, June 21 and Wednesday, June 24 in theaters around the country.  Movie industry analysts credit "Jaws" with inventing the summer blockbuster.
  • Squirrels be crazy! And they are being a real pain in the ass for the New York City Subway system. Recently a squirrel freaked out a motorwoman as it ran through a train. She slammed on the brakes and commuters helped her chase the squirrel off the train. Last week, a squirrel chomped down on a train operator's finger on the stairs at a subway station. No word yet about how the MTA will solve the cranky rodent issue.
  • No matter what you faith or belief in God, it turns out God Gazarov lives in Brooklyn. God Gazarov made national headlines last year after getting into a legal fight with Equifax. The credit reporting agency refused to enter the Russian-born man's unusual name in its database so he sued, claiming Equifax was making it impossible for him to get loans. After a year of haggling, God and Equifax worked out a confidential payout this week.
  • Do you have a spare $100 million dollars laying around? Want to own a large piece of Micheal Jackson history? The "Neverland" ranch is for sale but it's now called "Sycamore Valley Ranch". The property covers about 2,700 acres with a main house that's 12,000 sq. ft. The amusement park rides and exotic animals from Jackson's time as owner are gone but you still score cool things like a guest house, basketball court, 50-seat movie theater, and two lakes. Party central or creepy reminder?

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