This dude is 27 years old and has been electric this year. 

He was selected to an All-Star game and became the 13th pitcher in All-Star history to retire the side on 3 strikeouts and he did it in only 10 pitches.

Degrom's only problem is that he is facing Zack Greinke who has been just as good this year despite the fact that he looks like an absolute alien with a lady wig on........see below:

getty images

But looks don't matter when you have a lifetime ERA of 3.35 and a career WHIP of 1.18.  That is just nasty and not fair to opposing pitchers.  The Mets need Degrom to match Greinke's performance tonight and somehow give him run support.

The Mets do stand a great chance of moving on though.  This is the best team they have had in a very long time and quite frankly I an rooting for them.  I am a Yankee fan but sometimes it's fun to see little brother actually get his and win.  That's right I just said little brother.  KISS THE RINGS!

Oh wait I forgot Met fans this is your moment.  Maybe you will enjoy the same magic you did in 1986.

Carter's post game hair is electric there.  How many chicks did these dudes get as a team the week after the World Series?  I'd say as a group probably 564 total.  Not bad post season stats if you ask me.

The past however is the past and this is "THE NOW"  "RIGHT NOW." don't blow it.