This incredible display is more than well worth a road trip. I mean who wouldn't want to see things like Tom Brady's face carved onto a pumpkin.

Now this one really qualifies as a Halloween adventure you need to take. I'm talking carved, amazing pumpkins of epic proportions! This extravaganza boasts around 5,000 of them so buckle up for the ride of your life.

Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island, is a little over two hours drive from the Danbury area, and this Jack - O- Lantern Illuminated Spectacular runs until Nov. 6.

If you're thinking that's a long way to drive for some carved up pumpkins, you'd be very wrong. The Jack - O - Lantern Spectacular boasts thousands of pumpkins along the trail, including 130 artisan designed, intricately carved gourds to a backdrop of music.

Now I figure the question on your lips is, aren't they rotted by now? Here's the thing, while the display is about 5,000 pumpkins, they actually use around 20,000 pumpkins during the five week run of the event. So, yes, as they rot, fresh ones are re-carved.

Time to get yourself some pumpkin fever! For ticket prices, purchasing, directions and more info, click on Jack - O - Lantern Spectacular

I have to say that the Zoo itself looks amazing. It's open year round, so you may want to plan another road trip to check it out. For info go to

Trust me on this jaw-dropping event.

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