This moron just had a free concert in the Bronx to remind people for the 4,000th time that she is from the Bronx. 

Listen, she may have lived in the Bronx but if Jennifer Lopez = the Bronx, I = Japan!  Oh and here is a BIG surprise after the concert was over people from the Bronx said she was a sellout.  Yes and do you know why?  Because she is a sellout.  Not that being a sellout is a bad thing some people just leave a place and get rich and grow out of it which it seems she has done.  My problem is that she insists she is "Jenny from the Block."   Well  you are not you are Jenny "Beverly Hills."  You are Jenny "Rodeo Drive."  The amount of things you have in common with the average person from the Bronx is ZERO and it has been that way for a long time.  Leave the Bronx in your bio....keep it out of your mouth cause you are aggravating people.