I told you there's a National "Day" for everything. So, let's celebrate while we cook, and of course, ROCK!

The National Day of Calendar declares February 20th National Cherry Pie Day. Spring is on it's way, and along with that, the iconic National Cherry Blossom Festival in our Nation's Capital. You can even get updates by clicking on CHERRY BLOSSOM WATCH. Very cool whether you want to travel there, or watch from afar.

To be honest, my recipe for making a cherry pie is to buy a can of cherry filling, and dump it into a pre-made crust. Then, I whip out the can of Cool Whip, and give you a squirt when I serve it to you. I love to cook, but I've never called myself a baker. If you'd like a "from scratch" recipe, I found one for you on Taste Of Home.com

And, how can I miss the chance to entertain you with the Warrant classic, "Cherry Pie"?

In honor of the late Jani Lane, I may just whip up a Cherry Pie from scratch today.

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