Yes it is very exciting news.  The muffin guy is probably upset that it's not National Muffin Day.  Beware of this video it's the weirdest thing you will ever see.

I'm not a big pie guy but if I had to eat pie I'd go raspberry first and then Blueberry second.  I don't understand pies they always end up going to waste.  I contend that people only pretend to like pie.  It's such an American food icon that people insist they like them when they really don't.  We all get those images of some Midwest housewife in the 50's in an apron laying the pie of the window sill to cool.  But no one ever at them except for bums passing by and stealing them.

So celebrate National Blueberry Pie Day today and pour a round of cold milks because you can't have pie without milk.