A new massive survey was just conducted on the best and worst states to be a kid in America, and Connecticut ranked among the top five in the country.

The Kids Count data Book is published yearly, and assesses child well-being nationally and across the 50 states. It measures states using an index of 16 indicators. In 2016, the report ranks states on overall child well-being, and in four categories:

  • (1) economic well-being
  • (2) education
  • (3) health
  • (4) family and community

Among the criteria that the foundation analyzed for the report, are statistics on the percentage of low-birth weight babies, children without health insurance, kids who are not in school, teenagers who use alcohol or drugs, and percentage of children in poverty.

According to the recent survey, Minnesota is the best overall state to be a kid, followed by Massachusetts, Iowa, New Hampshire, and Connecticut.

The worst overall states were Mississippi, New Mexico, Louisiana, Nevada, and Alabama.

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The foundation said in a prepared statement:

Broadly speaking, children experienced gains in the education and health domains, but setbacks in the economic well-being and family and community domains.


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