Things you need to know on October 12.

Thanks to MetroNews Source for the following.

  • Instead of celebrating Christopher Columbus today, some are planning to honor the people Columbus came upon in the New World. Many cities and schools will celebrate Indigenous People's Day rather than Columbus Day. The move is an attempt to clarify his role in American history while connecting indigenous culture to today's world.


  • Are you flying Southwest today? A spokesperson says Southwest is still working on figuring out what caused the "intermittent technical issues" which delayed about 13-percent of its flights yesterday. Southwest isn't sure when the problem will be 100-percent fixed. You're urged to go to to check-in and print boarding passes before heading to the airport.


  • University of Connecticut campus cops say 19-year-old Luke Gatti was drunk and very upset when he couldn't get the food he ordered a week ago because he was drinking in public. Now a freshman at UCONN has set up a GoFundme page to help give the workers involved in the ugly episode a night off. More than $1,700 dollars had been raised as of this morning.


  • Looking for a new job? You might want to consider LinkedIn. They are going to start offering employees an open-ended time off policy. Starting next month, the company won't offer a set number of days off each year. Instead, managers will simply work with the employees to plan time off. There will be no set maximum or minimum amount of vacation time.

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