Yesterday, my wife Erica and her cousin Ali did this elaborate gender reveal ceremony that I did not even know was coming. I knew something was up when she told me to fix my hair. I really knew something was up when she was being super nice to me.

Erica asked to drive, which was unusual. I said OK, and we were off. She took me to a park and led me to a tree. Ali was waiting there for us. Ali had filled two black balloons with either pink or blue confetti, and gave us each a pin to pop the balloons. If the balloon had blue confetti, I would know it was a boy. If the balloon had pink confetti, I would know it was a girl. We popped the balloons and pink confetti flew everywhere. We are having a girl!

I know any parent should not be worried what the gender is and should just pray for a healthy baby. I do have to admit, I really hoped it would be a girl. Four boys is just an overload of fist fights and action figures. I really wanted to experience the other side, and I am looking forward to it.

I am so proud to have Erica as my partner in life. Having three kids with one on the way is, quite frankly, a lot of work and it's only going to get harder. There is no one in this world I would choose over Erica to have my back. No one I could think of that will work harder for our family and our success. She is simply the hardest working, smartest and prettiest person I know.

P.S. The gender reveal thing is definitely not my style. It was overwhelming to say the least, and I don't like surprises one bit, but I have to thank Ali Reyes for making it happen. It turned out very nice.