I have moved around a lot the last ten years and I am sick of it. 

I hauled the first box out of my apartment in New Milford about 10 days ago and we are still going. I have at least 2 hours worth of work left that needs to get done tonight to get everything out on time. Then there is what's happening on the other end. We have full boxes and bags of clothes and stuff everywhere. No one can find anything they need. It will literally be months before all the clutter is gone and we can live like humans.

This is without a doubt the last move of my life. I will die in that house because I refuse to carry one more box ever again. When you tell someone that you are in the process of moving you always get the same reaction. It''s an audible groan. Everyone feels your pain.

I don't even want help with this move. That is the worst mistake you can make when moving is asking for help. You gotta think long term. If you ask for and receive help with a move you just doubled your work. Down the line when that person needs to move, guess who is helping? That's right, you are helping. The only thing worse than moving your own stuff is moving someone else's.

Wish me luck.