We all know what time of year is appropriate to eat soup. Eating soup in the summer is an insane person's game. If you huddle up against a bowl of tomato soup in July, you need to be fit for a straight jacket, no question. But is it OK to eat soup for dinner?

It can definitely be considered filling enough to qualify as a lunch meal, but what about dinner? There is one person I know that says soup cannot be dinner, and that person is wrong.

Some people may say that it depends on the soup. You have so many. You have your chicken noodle, tomato, tortellini soup (my favorite) and on and on we go. There are so many variations of pasta, rice, and noodle, and also so many soup flavor variations.

For my money, soup can qualify as a dinner. You don't need 81 courses a night. Soup can have all your food groups covered in one shot. You just need enough of it to feed super hungry dudes, like myself.

I am now starving, and I WILL have soup for dinner. I suggest you do the same. If the people you feed tell you that soup is not dinner, tell them I said IT IS. If they complain further, pour a cup in their lap and say, "Keep the change ya filthy animal."