Call it what you want, ISIS (The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria), ISIL (The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) or just plain IS, (The Islamic State) ... the FBI director, James Comey, a Westport resident, has told various news outlets including the Connecticut Post, that all of his field offices are dealing with recruiting efforts by members of ISIS, including the FBI's Connecticut offices.

Comey told members of the media, "We have investigations open all over the country. I'm not going to single out Connecticut, but I'm not going to exclude them either."

Comey recently met with Bridgeport law enforcement officials at the statewide FBI headquarters.

According to USA Today, U.S. law enforcement officials and terror analysts said, "It's not so much a recruitment effort, but more of a worldwide marketing campaign that appears to be very sophisticated because of its use of multimedia productions, its use of social media, and its 'peer-to-peer' communication all aimed at the West."


What types of people is ISIS trying to recruit?

According to, the kinds of people who join these types of groups are trying to find a path or a purpose. They feel they need to do "something" meaningful with their lives.

I don't know how you feel about the threat of ISIS, but I've gotta be honest here when I say "this scares the crap out of me."

I found a website called VoxMedia as I was conducting research for this blog, which helped me more clearly understand what we might be dealing with here. The article is titled, "The 9 Biggest Myths About ISIS."

I highly recommend it if you're looking to acquire a better understanding of this fanatical group because they're not going away anytime soon.