According to WTNH-TV in Hartford, two House bills have been introduced to test the waters for the legalization of recreational cannabis in Connecticut. The bills would allow anyone 21 and over to use marijuana in which the state would impose regulations on how it is grown and sold. Other states in New England including New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts are also considering recreational legalization.

Credit - David McNew/Getty Images

Representative Edwin Vargas of Hartford told News 8, "I'd like to see Connecticut align itself with Colorado and just lift all statues that criminalize the use of marijuana." Vargas went on to say that the laws are hypocritical and have destroyed many of the young people in the inner cities.

Police Chief Robert Ticer of Avon Colorado addressed some of Connecticut's top cops at a summit this past Thursday, telling them about the difficulty of checking driving violations due to THC levels in stoned drivers. He said that the stats in Colorado were mind boggling saying that, "Since full legalization was voted in, there are 505 medical dispensaries and 322 retail stores selling recreational cannabis outnumbering the 405 Starbuck stores and the 227 McDonalds!"

What do you think? Should recreational use of marijuana be voted into law like it has in Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska?


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