Things I've had the interns do recently....

I've had them running around taking pictures of the local towns so we have an archive of photos for the blogs.

I had Lauren rebuild my contacts in my phone since I had to replace it.

I made them wash my car.

I sent them to be my proxy in court - did not go well.

I made them start a band called Lou is the King!  Also did not go well.

I've had them tasting my food to make sure I'm not being poisoned.

I had them test drive a car for me that I had no plans on buying.

I made them bake ciabatta bread.

They made me a home made Father's Day card for my Dad.  I even had them forge my name.

I made them change my oil.

I made them come to the gym with me and spot me, when they were not doing that I made them take photographs of me working out for my autobiography, which they are writing.

It's good to have interns!