These are things we say on the show that might sound like inside jokes but we want you to be in the know.


 Baciun A multi purpose word that Lou made up can be used as a noun, verb, and adjective.  Ex. She had a great body Baciun in the front a little baciun in the back.  Or I went to the baciun or they had the most baciun weed you ever saw or heard of.  (pronounced BA-CYUOON).


Caciun Same as Baciun and used when you need multiple ciun’s in a sentence. 

 Have a good show One morning a listener called and signed off with “Have a good show.”  Lou said you too.  Have a good show stuck and now we tell you to do the same. 


Wipe your feet In a corporate world we all have to deal with insulting and stupid in house signs and reminders.  When someone put a “Please wipe your feet” reminder sign on the front door of the station last year Lou lost his mind.  Really?  A person is either going to wipe their feet or they won’t.  Adults do whatever the hell they want. 


Give it a buff Ethan was reading a promotional announcement about a job fair and said if your resume is not ready, then “give it a buff” Lou would not let it go and it stuck.


What’s good grandpa? This one I cannot talk about without insulting a sponsor so listen closely to the station and it won’t take you long to figure out. 


Welcome to the neighborhood of listening No real explanation other than Lou thought it would be a funny way of greeting listeners.


Taste it Lou has three friends that talk in fake Russian accents whenever they hang out and Taste it sounds funny in a Russian accent.  Thank you: Carl, Steve and Lamar.


Every day’s a blessing Lou has a friend who is SO negative and nasty named Andrew.  He wishes misfortune on people all day and then accentuates it with the ironic finish of:  “but everyday is a blessing.”


Call before you dig Just a hilarious national PSA about not digging up power lines and executing yourself with buried electrical power lines.

Via con dios We have a local deli called: “Chihuahua’s” that brings us amazing breakfast food out of the kindness of their own hearts.  Lou decided to put the owner on the phone one morning and that was his sign off to the guy. 


Take it in the face A line that is SO disrespectful that Lou could not help but bring it up on the air for no reason.  He’s been saying it for years and then it was stolen by stand up comedian Donnell Rawlings (Chappelle show’s – Ashy Larry – an Ethan and Lou regular) – he stole it and uses it in his act and sells t-shirts that say that.  Thanks Donnell. 

Gaziza An obscure reference to an episode of “News Radio” where Phil Hartman’s character gets tricked into using the word: “Gaziza” during a commercial read to promote a malt liquor to a certain demographic. 


Ja’ feel? A 21 Jumpstreet movie reference.  Every time Lou asks Ethan: Ja’ Feel? Ethan says: “NO I DON’T JA’ FEEL!”  


Pow, pi-pi-di-pow-pow-pow-pow – ZERO EXPLANTION, Lou likes to do this!