Spoiler alert!  You are pretty safe here in Connecticut. 

Yeah I got the list from the New York Daily News

The most violent states on Black Friday are:

#1 - Arkansas

#2 - Tennessee

#3 - Alabama

#4 - Louisiana

#5 - Missouri

#6 - West Virginia

#7 - Oklahoma

#8 - Indiana

#9 - Kansas

#10 - South Carolina


The states you are safest on Black Friday are:

#1 - Massachusetts

#2 - Hawaii

#3 - New Jersey

#4 - Oregon

#5 - Vermont

#6 - Connecticut

#7 - Washington

#8 - Utah

#9 - New Hampshire

#10 - Colorado


Why oh why am I not surprised that the south dominates the most violent list?  Anyone who has listened to my radio show knows that I am not a big fan of the way of life in the south.  The fact is I don't think much at all of the landscape, food, culture or the ideals of southerners.  I moved to Florida about 12 years ago for a brief time and I mean brief.  I did not like it....no not one bit.  I felt very much out of my element and rarely found common ground with anyone.  They are not kidding when they tell you the south is still fighting the Civil War.  The people would treat you very differently once they found out you were a Yankee from my experience.  Even the people who were nice would still bring it up no matter what.

We do a feature on our radio show called Missed Headlines.  Basically it is three stories about three of the dumbest crimes of the day from throughout the country.  Everyday without fail there is a story from Florida.  Some days Florida is responsible for 2 or all 3 of the stories.  They don't call it the second chance state for no reason.

P.S.  The south will NOT rise again.  That war would be over by lunch.  Oh and be careful on Black Friday if you are going out.