That's me wearing my Blue shield--or...skirt, as it's commonly called

I've been playing Machine Zone's online game, Game of War, since Thanksgiving of last year. I'm in Eretria-World #370. And I'm in a very powerful alliance named $$I (Machine Zone Sucks is our official name, why $$I? I don't know). We're not popular in this world, because we burn and kill everyone and anyone. (Hey, it's a WAR GAME!) And we have some major players that compete in the big "Super Wonder" battles in our alliance.

Photo courtesy of Large "jailed" Dave

I've been captured a few times, and executed once. It sucks. You lose a ton of power when your hero is captured, basically reducing your attacks to anemic. It's an all encompassing, very well planned out world, that constantly changes. The latest feature introduced is, hemlock! You can actually choose to end your life instead of sitting in an enemies prison. They really try to think of everything in this game, don't they?

You may have seen the commercials starring Kate Upton during sporting events, and even here on i95, we've been playing Machine Zone advertisements. They make A LOT of money off of the general public. It is absolutely not a cheap experience. Rage quitting is very common lately. I still highly recommend downloading the app from the app store. See you our there, and you better shield, because my friends will burn you!

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