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Where will my high heels take us today??? And do you think I will only wear flip-flops????     Fat chance on that know that I'll still be sporting the heels..though I do draw the line at the beach!! And with a nod to how much I LOVE the heat...Florida here I come. Question is-will I bring back gifts??? A new survey found that 55% of people who do buy, end of taking the easy way out,and get them at the airport. Now you know I was born to shop..and lots of airport shops are damn don't look a "gift horse" in the mouth!!! One for you-three for me!!! Miss me..I'll miss you guys!!! travel tip about the world's tallest water slide...don't pack up the family yet-they are having some problems and it's not opening this Sunday!! Sure don't want the peeps careening off in all directions!!!