I've always wanted to go there but just never got around to it.  Now it's time and everyone I tell says one of two things.  I either should not be going there because I'm too nuts to handle it or I am going to have a blast. 

I have heard great things about a few places:

  • The Green Parrot Bar
  • Fat Tuesday
  • Sloppy Joe's &
  • The Lazy Gecko


We are headed there for a wedding so you would think that would slow us down but the problem is the bride and groom both will encourage people to get wild.  SHOUT OUT TO CHUCK AND SANDY!  I like that I get to wear shorts, sandals and a button down shirt to the big day.  That is a huge plus.  Now I don't have to try and calculate just the right moment in the night to start disrobing like I do at a normal wedding.  I'll already be mostly disrobed.

The things I have heard about Key West are pretty universal across the board.  We will have fun, the people there are characters and no one seems to care what you do.  For me that does not really apply because no matter what I do there will be one person there who does care what I do and that is my wife Erica.  If she does not have a good time then neither will I.

This trip should really make for some great fodder for the Ethan and Lou radio show when I return next Friday and as is normal for me I will share in an uncomfortably truthful manner.