OK, here's the deal I am from the streets.  I've lived on streets my whole life.  1 one was called Tivoli Rd. which is called a road but it's technically a street in that you can drive cars on it.  I also lived in Rocco Drive which IS MY hood and then of course there is where I live now which I cannot tell you because I am still embroiled in the East/West coast battle.  There are not many of us but I'm one of four people.  The other three are in mental facilities. 

First things first, I AM wearing a Brewster High School Field Hockey sweatshirt in this picture in protest of the fact that we DON'T have a men's field hockey team.  #2 that is my sister Katy who is SO street that she started her own gang called the GINGER GIRLS FROM PUTNAM COUNTY WHO LOVE THEATRE AND PARTICIPATE IN CHURCH EVENTS or GGFPCWLTPCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Represent all DAY!  So yes, we are street!  So it's time to come up with new street terms and start trends.  New street terms:

#1 - Give dem da' shiva's - Making a girl so nervous or turned on that she gets the shivers.

#2 - Dookin' - you care so little about what people think it's like your dookin' in the streets (where I am from)

#3 - Wee-wee - having so much fun, you scream WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  And that's OK because people are scared of you...because you are from: "The Skreets!"

#4 - Poppin' it-  When you give a the business!  HAHA I had to use other street terms to explain that street term so they don't delete my blog.

#5 - Smoovin' - You were as charismatic as possible, so charming that your as smooth (Or smoov) as a bowling ball.

#6 - Paper bag - White trash

#7 - Butthead - Butthead

#8 - Smoke on the water - getting high on the lake or a "Deep Purple" song.

#9 - Giving 110% - giving 30 percent.

#10 - Peas and Hams - Nipples and Coolie

#11 - Denim and Mycrofiber - a suit

#12 - Kale chips - a hot white chick

#13 - #tbt - Two Butt Tuesday - Taking a picture of two girls butts at once.

#14 - Store Frontin' - Being jealous of designer clothing.

#15 - Giggidy - Giddidy

#16 - Fire up the the furnace - giving a hot girl the business - UM YEAH some of these I'm actually proud of!

#17 - Bussin' - BUSTIN YO' CHOPS!

#18 - Down shifting - switching from liquor to beer.

#19 - Robbing a pawn shop - robbing a pawn shop

#20 - Taste it - Taste it!