No, it's not good for the monkey, and it's not right, but c'mon, man. When animals do people stuff, it's just funny. 

Moreover, when animals do bad people stuff, it's even funnier. Look at Azalea here:

The question is, what brand does this chimp smoke? Is it a traditionalist? Do you go Marlboros? Maybe retro with the Lucky Strikes? Or, is the monkey on a tight budget, and rolling with Mavericks?

They actually give the monkey a lighter? A monkey with fire? For real? What was that discussion like? "Hey, yeah, this monkey is unpredictable and all, but what could we do to make it even more unpredictable? Oh, how 'bout we give it a lighter and some smokes. Bingo, Bango."

I am in the process of quitting smoking after many years, so I have seen a warning label or two in my day. Nowhere on the packaging does it say anything about primates. None that I have seen. Maybe it's time to allow for some extra text on the box.

DISCLAIMER - No animals were hurt in the making of this blog.