Shouldn't there be a law that says if you have been together for 80 years that you can't break up or get a divorce? I think so. 

According to the NY post citing multiple sources, Sharon Osbourne is set to dump Ozzy after finding out he cheated with his hair stylist. Ozzy, you are 67-years-old, pal. What are you doing? Is that really worth it? How can you even function in that way? That's not to say that a 67-year-old man can not perform, just not this one. His body and mind have been destroyed by drugs and alcohol. The only thing that has kept him alive, in my opinion, is Sharon.

Now, onto Sharon. What are you thinking? Let's say he did do this. That does not mean he does not love you. You said it yourself years ago. This man cannot help himself. He is like a child. He also let's you parade him around the country like a dog all year to tour, so you can cash those fat checks. Let this one go, lady.

That brings me to my original question. Would Sharon leaving Ozzy push him into the grave? The simple answer, I think, is yes. He cannot function on his own, and he's famously depressed and insecure. He just wouldn't make it. It's not like Ozzy is going to hit the gym, get revenge hot, and find a bachelor pad. One month alone, and the king of Metal music would be dead, and that's not a joke it's just a fact.