Mary Coletti, of Cortlandt Manor, was arrested for drunk driving at 7am on Monday after hitting a phone poll with 35 students from Walter Panas High School in Cortlandt on board.

.13 percent blood alcohol level, completely over the legal limit to be driving, 
LoHud reports. 

The Journal News says that Lakeland School District Superintendent George Stone reports of Coletti's license being revoked and another driver's been assigned that route. She faces felony driving while intoxicated charges under Leandra's Law, which penalizes those who drive drunk with children on board.


Do we honestly need to worry about things like this with our kids?

I am friends with quite a few bus drivers in the local area who are the most caring, responsible, and friendly people I know. They're the bridge between care at home, and school, and strongly believe this is the rare occasion.  

I feel they don't get thanked enough for all they do!