Here's some stories making headlines on April 30th.

Thanks to MetroNews Source for the following.

  • State officials say more than 12-thousand tickets have been issued across Connecticut as part of a distracted driving crackdown. The campaign is funded through a grant of more than two-million-dollars from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Connecticut is the only state in the country to receive the enforcement grant.
  • Fairfield is the most ozone polluted of Connecticut's eight counties. The American Lung Association's State of the Air report ranks Fairfield County with the state's worst air for the 16th straight year. The report also says that Fairfield is the 19th most polluted county in the country.
  • There's good news from the Labor Department this morning.  The number of Americans seeking first-time unemployment benefits fell to 262-thousand last week.
  • Bud Light is apologizing for an offensive new slogan.The tagline appearing on some bottles claimed Bud Light was "The perfect beer for removing "No" from your vocabulary for the night." A spokesman has issued a statement apologizing for the motto after critics said it was insensitive to issues of rape and consent. The spokesman said it was clear the message "missed the mark," and that Bud Light would "never condone disrespectful or irresponsible behavior."

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